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Zero Trust Security

What is Zero Trust Security?

Zero Trust is a security model proposing that organizations should not automatically trust any connection from any source, internal or external, and must verify everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access.

Securing Your Users

Threats are evolving daily, targeting your users as the entry point to your sensitive enterprise systems. Stay ahead of today’s ever-changing threats, like file-less malware, targeted attacks, ransomware, and cryptomining. Apply multiple layers of protection across endpoint, email, web, and software as a service (SaaS) applications to defend your users regardless of device, application, network, or location.

Apex One Automated, Insightful, All-in-one Protection


Trend Micro Apex One protection offers advanced automated threat detection and response against an ever-growing variety of threats, including file-less and ransomware. Our cross-generational blend of modern techniques provides highly tuned endpoint protection that maximizes performance and effectiveness.


Get actionable insights, expanded investigative capabilities, and centralized visibility by using an advanced EDR toolset, strong SIEM integration, and an open API set. You have the option to perform correlated, extended threat investigations that go beyond the endpoint and augment your security teams with a managed detection and response service.


In an evolving technological landscape, you need security that goes beyond traditional antivirus. Apex One offers threat detection, response, and investigation within a single agent. Eliminate multiple vendors and consoles and gain deployment flexibility through both SaaS and on-premises deployment options.

Stay Ahead of Threats

Maximum protection against evolving threats

A blend of cross-generational protection defends against the evolving threat landscape, using the right technique at the right time.

Centralized Visibility and Control

Streamlined security administration lowers the burden on IT, and enables them to manage threat and data protection across multiple layers, all through a single consolidated console.

Connected layers of protection

Traditional security solutions can’t keep up with the threats you face – turning to products to address discrete challenges increases complexity and may leave gaps in your security.

Advanced detection techniques

Apex One leverages a blend of cross-generational threat techniques to provide the broadest protection against all types of threats.


Hunt for indicators of attack (IoA) and define the attacker’s intent in real time


Sweep user timelines (telemetry) for indicators of compromise (IoCs) to determine the impact of targeted attacks


Employ an interactive root cause analysis diagram to drill down on a detection, and respond by isolating or terminating processes and updating protection points


Have the option to go beyond a single vector approach by correlating events across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks

Securing Your Network

While prevention should be the first step in any network security strategy, once malware or a hacker slips into the network, quick and accurate detection is critical.

Network One Goes Beyond Traditional Network Detection and Response

Network detection and response (NDR) enables organizations to monitor network traffic moving inbound, outbound, and laterally across the network and react and respond to malicious activity and suspicious behavior at the network layer and beyond. In addition to preventing zero-day attacks, Trend Micro Network One delivers critical network telemetry to Trend Micro Vision One, enabling security operations teams to get a clearer picture of their environment, accelerating response, and preventing future attacks.

Protection from Zero-Day Threats

Zero-day malware and URLs

Trust Micro TippingPoint Threat Protection System ships with a comprehensive set of curated filters that cover the latest known and emerging threats. TippingPoint can also be integrated with Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer to automatically send potential threats or suspicious objects to a custom sandbox for detonation and analysis.

Zero-day vulnerabilities

These are holes or bugs that are unknown in the wild and have not yet been exploited. Through “bug bounty” programs, researchers are rewarded for identifying and responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. The Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) is the largest program in the world. Without the ZDI, many vulnerabilities would remain behind closed doors or be sold on the black market for nefarious purposes.

Zero-day exploits

An exploit is code written specifically to take advantage of a vulnerability. When an attacker comes up with an entirely new way to leverage a known vulnerability, that’s called a zero-day exploit. By crunching the data collected by the Smart Protection Network on that vulnerability as a whole, filters can be created that block any unknown exploits using known shared paths and behaviors.

Eliminate blind spots on the network

Trend Micro Network One provides critical logs and visibility into unmanaged systems – contractor/third-party systems, IoT and IIoT devices, printers, and BYOD systems. With the network data correlated, the attack lifecycle becomes visible, showing:

Visibility of North/South and East/West traffic

Unlike other vendors in this category that require separate devices to watch the perimeter and lateral movement, Trend Micro gives you visibility into traffic moving north/south and east/west with a single device, saving you time, money, and minimizing complexity.

Visibility into encrypted traffic

Maintain end-to-end encryption protection, completing decryption-inspection-re-encryption with perfect forward secrecy (PFS). Our solutions utilize hardware and software acceleration to increase performance, reducing the need for over provisioned appliances

Securing the Hybrid Cloud

Cloud security simplified with Trend Micro Cloud One security services platform

Micro Cloud One: Meet Your Cloud Security Needs

Cloud-native security delivers new functionalities weekly with no impact on access or experience. Seamlessly complements and integrates with existing AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and Google Cloud toolsets. Workload Security includes detection and response designed for server, cloud workloads, and container platforms.

Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud migration

Automate the discovery and protection of public, private, and virtual cloud environments while protecting the network layer. This provides flexibility and simplicity in securing your cloud throughout the migration and expansion process. Gain increased visibility and consistent security throughout your cloud environments, with the most security controls and integrations within your existing toolsets.

Cloud-native applications

With modern development practices and technologies, like CI/CD, containers, and serverless, you need application security that provides earlier detection, immediate protection, and assurance that your cloud services meet security best practices, all while maintaining speed. Trend Micro Cloud One enables you to build and run applications your way, with security controls that work across your existing infrastructure or modern code streams, development toolchains, and multi-platform requirements.

Cloud operational excellence

Automatically evaluate how well your architecture is aligned to AWS best practices and industry compliance standards. With Trend Micro Cloud One, you can embrace a DevSecOps culture in your organization by empowering your team to build better architecture in the cloud while having the necessary guardrails to grow and scale your business safely and securely.

Automated Deployment

Save time, gain visibility. Automated deployment and discovery lead to operational efficiencies and accelerated, streamlined compliance.


Builder’s choice. You choose the cloud, the platforms, and the tools, and we leverage our turn-key integrations and broad APIs, freeing you to procure the way you want and deploy the way you need.

All–in one solution

One tool that has the breadth, depth, and innovation required to meet and manage your cloud security needs today and in the future.