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Streamline IT Operations with Intelligent Hyper-converged Infrastructure by HPE

ICT is dedicated to delivering optimal solutions to modern enterprises seeking to expedite their time to market and innovation. With our HPE Hyperconverged Infrastructure offering, we enable unparalleled workload consolidation, agility, and resilience within your IT system.

HPE Hyperconverged Infrastructure is powered by InfoSight’s predictive intelligence, so it can run your highly demanding workloads. This solution has redefined HCI by making it AI-driven. And since it’s self-healing, self-managing, and self-optimizing, it can simplify your IT environment while making it more cost-effective and efficient.

A simpler and smarter IT

HPE Hyperconverged solutions are highly efficient and can scale and deploy with ease and speed. This remarkable feature facilitates the rapid adoption of a high-performance platform capable of upgrading all aspects of your IT infrastructure, from the edge to the data center. Moreover, these solutions provide optimal power to your applications while safeguarding your data, consolidating workloads, and streamlining operations.

Streamline your IT-operations

Managing multiple sites running different platforms can be quite a challenge for IT. However, implementing a common hyper-converged infrastructure that spans from the core to the edge can provide significant benefits. This type of solution brings order to administration, support, deployment, and data protection, simplifying the management of your IT infrastructure across all your sites.

Let AI transform your operations.

Software-defined automation has the potential to significantly simplify day 0 and 1 tasks, while artificial intelligence can help predict and prevent problems, optimizing day 2 and beyond. HPE InfoSight is an excellent solution that delivers deep visibility, simplified lifecycle management, and optimized performance and workload placement through its advanced AI capabilities.

Discover more benefits

Are you still using a three-tier infrastructure for business-critical workloads? We can leverage disaggregated dHCI to implement a simplified and consistent hyper-converged infrastructure. It is more cost-effective at the edge, with ESG analysts realizing savings of up to 55%, even as they expand branch offices and remote sites.

Do more with hype-converged solutions.

It’s time you run your business with AI-driven Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions that combine networking, storage, and computing with advanced data services in an all-in-one platform. Let our qualified team at ICT implement solutions like HPE Nimble Storage dHCI, SimpliVity, and Pointnext services to get you started.

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