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Software-Defined Networking

Aruba Software-defined Networking Solutions

Boost IT agility with automation and orchestration from edge to cloud with Aruba Software defined Networking Solutions. Built on a cloud-native, microservices architecture, Aruba Central is an AI-powered solution that improves IT agility by unifying management of all network infrastructure.

Manage Any-sized Network from the Cloud

Legacy networks and manual operations hold back today’s mobile, cloud, and IoT initiatives. Aruba’s software defined networking (SDN) solutions deliver automation, orchestration, and AI-driven operations to simplify campus, branch, and data center networks.

Enable SDN at scale with an end-to-end infrastructure

Converge silos with a unified architecture that combines best-in-class wireless, wired, and WAN infrastructure with cloud-based management that delivers capabilities such as zero-touch provisioning and end-to-end orchestration.

Automatically orchestrate and enforce policies globally

Simplify security by automating policy enforcement for users, devices, and apps on wired and wireless networks with Aruba Software defined Networking. Device profiling, role-based access control, and a Layer 7 firewall deliver enhanced visibility and a better user experience.

Make networks fully programmable — with ease

Aruba makes programmability simple with Python scripting and APIs — no extensive coding expertise is required. Certified modules for leading platforms like Ansible provide further automation for wired and wireless networks.

Shift from reactive to predictive IT with AIOps

Transform IT operations by automatically detecting and resolving issues before business is impacted. Continuously deliver the best user experience by combining network and user-centric data with powerful machine learning.

Scale Network Operations with Aruba’s Software Defined Networking Infrastructure

Enhance the Operator Experience with Next‑gen Switching

Aruba CX is cloud-native by design with a unified operating model from edge to data center for a smarter, faster way to build and manage networks.

Cloud-managed Wi‑Fi That Works for Users and IT

Aruba Wi-Fi delivers the outstanding experiences that users expect and the AI-powered workflow that streamlines IT operations.

Address All Connectivity Needs with SD‑Branch

Simplify WAN routing, reduce costs, and optimize performance while delivering the security and operational efficiency for branch and remote locations.

Create a modern network that connects, protects, and simplifies

Take advantage of intuitive management tools and built-in analytics. Meet the ever-growing needs of your users, devices, and applications. With Aruba, you can: Cut the complexity of IT, Reduce time spent troubleshooting and create the foundation for new technologies future business needs

Key Aruba Switch Software Benefits

We simplify operations. But with Aruba ESP, we can offer policy-driven segmentation and AI-powered capabilities — benefits few can match.
Cloud-native and fully programmable

Cloud-native and fully programmable

Aruba’s modern operating system is built on a microservices architecture to automate and simplify IT operations. AOS-CX also delivers network-wide analytics and full programmability to enable complete network assurance.

Simplicity through a single operating system

Simplicity through a single operating system

From edge access to core, our switching software was built to connect, protect, and simplify enterprise networks. See how our portfolio can help you meet the ever-evolving needs of your users, devices, and applications.

Accelerated troubleshooting

Accelerated troubleshooting

Aruba’s Network Analytics Engine (NAE) automatically interrogates and analyzes any event that impacts a network’s health. Distributed analytics provide unprecedented visibility into issues, with guided troubleshooting for rapid resolution.

Error-free network configuration

Aruba NetEdit can empower IT teams to orchestrate configuration changes across multiple switches using intelligent automation and analytics, ensuring service rollouts are consistent, conformant, and error-free.

Secure and simplified access for users and IoT

Aruba Dynamic Segmentation simplifies and enhances security by eliminating manual configuration of VLANs and access lists. Appropriate access and security policies are dynamically applied and enforced across wired and Wi-Fi for users and IoT.

High availability and zero-downtime upgrades

Aruba Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) provides a redundant architecture in both hardware and software to ensure no downtime — even during upgrades — across campus and data center networks.