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ICT Services


With a strong team of highly qualified, partner-certified technical personnel and years of regional experience, ICT technical teams are fully capable of providing Qatar’s enterprise customers with the latest innovative and reliable services. We help create efficient and effective business processes and minimize system downtime. Our competencies lie in the following areas:
  • Network, Security, and Communications
  • HP Storage, Blade Servers, Unix, and Software
  • Microsoft Infrastructure Technology
  • Virtualization
  • Software Solutions
  • Projects Management
  • Cloud Services

Advisory and consultancy services

Our goal is to provide the highest quality, world-class services to our customers

Providing value through service

Our goal is to help customers excel by leveraging their IT solutions' full potential. Our cutting-edge approach is customizable to the unique requirements of each customer. Here at ICT, we are committed to "Providing Value through Service."

Technical and support expertise at scale

Our technical team is skilled, trained, certified, and has deep experience providing consultancy, design, implementation, and supporting complex and large projects for Qatar's Enterprise customers.

Full vertical IT Service integration

From initial planning and design to creating and managing globe-spanning systems, the team's skills and certificates cover the entire IT infrastructure domain, i.e., Network, Security, Systems, Communications, Microsoft Infrastructure Software, and Solutions Software.

Professional Services

Driving a paradigm shift in today's customer-oriented services

ICT Technical Services department provides a comprehensive portfolio of professional and multi-vendor services. We enable customers to plan, design, implement and manage by maintaining and supporting their IT resources and solutions.

The latest and highest standard of service

We have adopted the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standard as our main framework for delivering professional services to our customers through our ITIL certified engineers and project managers.

Project management implementation services

Skilled and certified project managers manage our implementation services. Each manager makes sure that the services are high quality, project-specific, and achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

Local teams for local customers

We use local technical teams; skilled, trained, certified, and with deep experience in design, implementation, and support for our Qatar-based customers.

Short-Term and Long-Term Outsourcing

The right resources for customer needs

We position the right resources that our customers need to bridge the gap they have in their IT resources through understanding our customers' environments and requirements.

Client matched professional services

Our IT Professionals are selected carefully to match customers' exact requirements. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are available for terms ranging from a few months to extended multi-year assignments.

Increased quality through feedback

We take the time to carefully align our Professional's strengths and goals with our customers' needs. We monitor service regularly to provide quality feedback to both customers and IT professionals.

Satisfied customers, successful outcomes

We are proud of our long list of satisfied customers in Qatar who have used our resources to deploy multiple projects at diverse levels and operate their IT to create successful outcomes.

Customer Service

Always on-call service: in a large distributed environment or even in a workgroup setting, customers encounter unique issues that significantly impact business strategy.

ICT 24-7

Providing accurate and timely responses to enterprise support needs. ICT recognizes the value of dedicated customer support services that help customers achieve business value.


  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Priority Queuing

Minimize Downtime

ICT Customer Services offer round-the-clock remedial support to minimize system downtime and enhance system availability. ICT 24-7 addresses the customers' needs.


  • Automatic participation in product updates and releases by ICT partners
  • Dedicated Technical Account management

Protect Productivity

Our continuously stocked spare parts store covers all customers' equipment. A 24x7 extended warranty or 24x7 SLAs and AMCs backs up our commitment to your productivity.


  • Predefined Timeline commitments to resolve significant and critical problems

ICT Service Capabilities


ICT resident technology consultants have helped many leading national and international enterprise customers to develop bullet-proof solutions.


ICT offers optimization by applying modeling and evaluation to determine the proper technology hardware and software to provide the best cost/performance for the required applications.

Operational Capabilities

ICT evaluates and tests products from multiple vendors to ensure that they are operational and compatible with existing and planned technology.


The planning phase defines functionality. ICT creates a comprehensive package that documents the logical and physical layout for every required solution.


ICT's highly skilled team integrates and tests all solution components individually and collectively, considering each site's unique functional requirements in preparation for deployment.