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IT Risk Management System

Security and Risk Management

Protect from internet threats, gain control over cloud app usage.

Go Beyond Yesterday’s Due Diligence with Trend Micro Risk Management

Embrace a proactive process of real-time threat and vulnerability management—detecting advanced threats before they can do damage. Centrally manage policies for both security and data loss prevention across your IT infrastructure. With IT Risk Management System and solutions, you’ll improve your security posture while lowering costs and minimizing your risk of initial attack and serious data breach.

Trend Micro Key Features

Superior Protection

IT Risk Management System stops threats in the cloud long before they get to endpoints and mobile devices. Protects users at any location, on or off the corporate network. Guards against advanced and unknown threats with layered protection with pre-execution machine learning filtering of unknown malware before sandboxing and cloud sandbox analysis for files.

Cloud App Access

IT Risk Management System allows you to control and monitor cloud services access for your users. Identifies 30,000 unsanctioned cloud services and executes the access policy set up by admin. Blocks personal account access to popular sanctioned cloud services.

Flexible Deployment Options

One license, three gateway deployment options: cloud, on-premises, hybrid. Cloud-based deployment eliminates expense and resource drain associated with backhauling traffic or managing multiple, separate, on-premises, secure web gateways. Hybrid deploys on-premises virtual appliances for large corporate sites while using cloud web gateway to secure the activity of smaller branch offices and mobile users.

A Single, Centralized Management Console

The cloud-based management console allows you to monitor web use, even for on-premises gateways. Single pane of glass to manage centralized and unified policies for both on-premises and cloud-based deployment instances. Interactive and customizable dashboards and reports give you complete visibility of web usage and security information.

Flexibility For Your Needs

Whatever your resources and security requirements, dedicated solutions are available to protect your business.

Get Real-time Risk Management Across Your Network

Trend Micro Web Security Advanced, powered by XGen, provides you with forward-looking threat protection on web threats, URL filtering, and application control, plus enterprise-grade features, including:

Sandbox Analysis for Unknown Files

Cloud sandboxing for unknown malware after PML

Cloud App Visibility and Access Control

Cloud app and access control for 30,000 apps

Data Loss Prevention Templates

Data loss prevention with 240+ global templates

Trend Micro Features

Just need the essentials? Trend Micro Web Security Standard gives you streamlined protection.

Risk Management

Use network-wide automated incident detection, analysis, and proactive response to improve your defense against advanced persistent threats, zero-day malware, and targeted attacks, which can evade conventional perimeter and content security.

Control Manager

Streamline administration by centralizing threat and data policy management with IT Risk Management System. Customizable data displays provide visibility and situational awareness, enabling organizations to rapidly understand their security posture, identify threats, and respond to incidents.

Threat Intelligence Manager

IT Risk Management System deliver actionable threat intelligence across your enterprise using advanced data collection, correlation, and visualization. Complete management of security events and incidents enables you to quickly identify, analyze and respond to enterprise threats before they impact your organization.

Deep Discovery

A next generation threat management solution delivering breakthrough detection, features and performance designed to help large Enterprise and Government organizations combat APTs and targeted attacks.

Security Management

Create an integrated, centrally managed security framework for a unified defense against threats and data loss.

Centrally Managed Suites

No matter what you need to secure—or how narrow or broad your requirements—Trend Micro has a security suite designed to protect your vital data while helping you to accelerate the ROI of your business initiatives.

Enterprise Security Suite

Deliver centrally managed security with adaptive protection and faster performance—protecting from gateway to endpoint so you can confidently drive your business forward.

Enterprise Security for Endpoints

Flexible, strong protection for file servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices with innovative technology that frees endpoint resources.

Enterprise Security for Communication and Collaboration

Deliver proactive protection for Microsoft email, instant messaging, and SharePoint systems

Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Mail Servers

Provide multi-threat protection for mail and file servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.