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Edge Computing Services

What is Edge computing?

Edge computing is the practice of processing data near the edge of the network where the data is being generated, instead of in a centralized data processing warehouse. ICT provides latest technology driven edge computing services for business in Qatar.

We provide both on-premises and distributed edge computing services. Edge computing makes decisions where data is generated—including smartphones, assets, beacons, and sensors—and does not rely upon decisions being made remotely.

Edge computing encapsulates all the IT and integrated operations technology (OT) infrastructure needed to make decisions from connected devices, including:

  • Establishing connections to the devices, sensors, and equipment used throughout an organization
  • Continually acquiring data from those connected devices
  • Analyzing acquired data through techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Acting upon the data acquired to inform employees, systems of record, and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Storing and managing data and results
  • Ensuring security on data and devices

Edge Systems Management

Enterprise IT Edge Systems

Unleash the edge’s full potential by running enterprise-class applications unmodified at the edge – not just pared-down edge versions. Run identical workloads in the data centre, cloud or edge – whether containers, virtual machines, databases, software-defined storage or something else with ICT’s edge computing services.

OT-IT Integration

Actuate and control things at the edge through a single integrated platform that combines OT systems with enterprise-class IT. You can connect OT systems over interfaces such as direct-wired I/O and industrial protocols that don’t exist in the traditional ethernet-based IT environment.

Rugged form factor

Overcome harsh edge environments with a rugged form factor that is designed for severe, space-constrained and dusty environments to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures ranges.

Data insight and action across the enterprise

You can converge OT systems already out at the edge with enterprise-class IT systems traditionally found in the datacentre to improve insights for greater business efficiency.

Edge optimised systems management

Optimise your operation by actuating the equipment that drives the industrial edge. Improve uptime and system administrator efficiency with new first-of-a-kind edge-optimised management that provides iLO-based familiarity and simplicity.

HPE ILO Amplifier Pack

iLO Amplifier Pack (Integrated Lights-Out) is an at scale inventory and update management tool which enables customers with large Gen8, Gen9 and Gen10 Hewlett Packard Enterprise server deployments to get rapid up-to-date inventory and automate firmware and driver updates. It also assists in manual and automated recovery of systems with corrupt firmware.

HPE Edgeline Converged Edge System

HPE Edgeline EL8000t Converged Edge System​
Purpose-built for telco environments, the EL8000t boasts an ultra-dense, short depth chassis with size, weight and power specifications to support rack configuration flexibility in a small footprint.
HPE Edgeline EL8000 Converged Edge System​
Open standards-based, high-performance, low latency system for the most demanding use cases in a compact and ruggedized form factor equipped with edge-optimized serviceability and remote systems management.​
HPE Edgeline EL300 Converged Edge Systems
Ultra-compact and ruggedized converged OT and IT system with optimized systems management and wireless connectivity to accelerate provisioning and provide enterprise-grade manageability.
HPE Edgeline EL1000 Converged Edge System
Entry level converged OT and IT infrastructure that features a single compute blade (up to 16 Intel Xeon cores and 20TB of SSD storage), with two data capture/control slots, and multiple I/O and storage options.
HPE Edgeline EL4000 Converged Edge System
Converged OT and IT infrastructure that includes up to four compute blades (up to 64 Xeon cores and 48TB of SSD storage), with four data capture/control slots, and scalable high capacity storage.
HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform software
Fast, simple and secure deployment and management of OT. Use drag-and-drop simplicity to integrate OT networks, data flows and control systems with standard IT-based IoT and business software.
HPE Edgeline OT Link-certified modules
OT systems to connect to any industrial input/output device. Leverage pre-built adapters that enable bi-directional, time-sensitive and deterministic control and communication.
HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Management software
The HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Manager Software (EIM) makes it simple to deploy and manage HPE Edgeline systems in any location.
Fast Start Condition Monitoring​
Purpose-built for telco environments, the EL8000t boasts an ultra-dense, short depth chassis with size, weight and power specifications to support rack configuration flexibility in a small footprint.
HPE ProLiant m710x Server Blade
A server blade with Intel Xeon E3 V5 processor and Integrated Iris Pro GPU to optimize application delivery, media transcoding and high-performance computing.
HPE ProLiant m510 Server Blade
A server blade with Intel Xeon D processor that brings performance and advanced intelligence into a dense SoC.
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