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HP Manageability Services

HP Manageability Services help IT simplify and improve end-user device management and deliver a better employee experience across endpoint devices and applications with Device Management System.

Why HP Manageability Services?

  • Help with deploying apps and software in a consistent, scalable way
  • Improve employee experience and engagement
  • Reduce time spent on arduous tasks
  • Address issues before they affect end-users with the HP TechPulse analytics platform
  • Save money on the expenses of endpoint management software licensing

Reduce IT Workload with Actionable Multi-OS Insights

Identify, Predict and Address Issues

Our automation and analytics platform uses AI to deliver actionable device, application and usage insights.

Device Manageability at Scale

Lighten the load on IT staff with tools to monitor, respond, manage and remediate issues.

Focus on Employee Experience

Improve the EX with a multi-vendor device monitoring and endpoint management service.

Help with Maintaining App Policies

Service experts can implement whitelisting and blacklisting policies to control app enablement.

Manageability Service Offerings

Whether you’re already using cloud-based management at scale or need a bridge to cloud-based management, HP has a service to help your organization.

HP Proactive Insights

HP Proactive Insights provides monitoring, reporting, and insights to help IT reduce the cost and complexity of managing device fleets, all while improving the employee experience with their Device Management System.

HP Proactive Insights reduces the cost and complexity of multi-vendor, multi-OS fleet management. Cloud-based, AI-driven, predictive insights delivered by the proprietary HP TechPulse analytics platform, help IT manage fleet health and performance while optimizing the employee experience. HP TechPulse helps to proactively identify issues and enable remediation at scale.
Endpoint Analytics Dashboard

Endpoint Analytics Dashboard

Mitigate issues before they affect your employees with analytics that help supply recommendations for remediation.
Improve Employee Experiences

Improve Employee Experiences

Measure, track, and improve employee experience with new tools that improve your visibility to employee device health.
Lower TCO

Lower TCO

With actionable insights delivered in a single dashboard, you can optimize device performance, extend device life, and lower TCO.

Powered by HP TechPulse

Device Monitoring and Analytics

Predictive analytics for multi-vendor, multi-OS inventory, incidents and system health. Asset tracking of last seen approximate device location. Monitoring to detect and track battery, hard disk, and OS issues.

Access and Enrollment

Create custom roles and permissions. Set up specific task and permissions based on default roles. Get automatic enrollment and bulk deployment.

Employee Experience Improvements

Launch campaigns to measure and track employee satisfaction. Easy access to diagnostic tools, enabling end-users to troubleshoot and resolve common issues.

Advisory Service Performed by Service Experts and Modern Endpoint Management

Launch campaigns to measure and track employee satisfaction. Easy access to diagnostic tools, enabling end-users to troubleshoot and resolve common issues.

Additional services

Extend your IT team with service experts who use predictive endpoint analytics to recommend remediation steps aimed at improving the overall computing environment down to the device level.

HP Proactive Endpoint Management

For IT professionals who want to drive improvements in device performance and the employees’ experience, HP Proactive Endpoint Management provides business insights through experienced service experts who monitor your multi-OS fleet health with Device Management System. Gain more time to focus on key priorities by offloading the management of policy settings and OS/application updates with this modern endpoint management solution.

Cloud-Based Endpoint Management

According to recent Forrester research, 55% of IT leaders responsible for device management consider the adoption of predictive analytics a high priority to be able to assess device performance, health, and security. 64% outsource at least half of their device support.

HP Proactive Endpoint Management/ Device Management System is a modern service that helps reduce the cost and complexity of managing your multi-vendor, multi-OS devices. You can leverage service experts to drive improvements in device performance and your employees’ device and application experience.

An Extension of Your IT Team

An Extension of Your IT Team

Let service professionals manage policy settings and OS and application updates, so you can focus on other IT priorities.
Reduce Cost and Complexity

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Rely on Service Experts to monitor your endpoints, including asset-tracking, device performance, and device utilization.
Evaluate Security Compliance

Evaluate Security Compliance

Devices that are non-compliant with encryption, firewall, and Antivirus policies. Remote lock and wipe lost devices.

What’s Included With HP Proactive Endpoint Management

Advisory Service & Troubleshooting

HP proactively provides insights and recommendations to optimize performance. Service Experts can remotely troubleshoot Windows devices

Application Deployment & Management

Microsoft Windows, Apple DEP and Mobile Apps. Application updates, including deny and allow lists.

Bring your own Device and License Services

The user can designate whether device is organization or personally owned. Enable existing Microsoft InTune, Google Chrome Enterprise or ServiceNow licenses.

Device Protection, Incident and Network Management

Security and App Management policies can be enforced, and updates and patches managed remotely. Service Experts use incidents to diagnose, identify issues and provide recommendations Device network configuration management and WiFi provisioning.

HP Adaptive Endpoint Management

HP Adaptive Endpoint Management provides a bridge to cloud-based device management while addressing the complexity of managing on-premises IT infrastructure, legacy apps, and increased security threats. Your IT team benefits while retaining access to existing applications.

Realize The Benefits of Modern IT

Deliver a Hassle-Free IT Experience to Your Employees

Enable your people to work with maximum productivity with devices optimized for them, automated updates, and anywhere, anytime access to apps.

Always Up to Date

Maximize your investment and experience higher productivity and less downtime with continuous, automated updates to your Windows and Office 365.

Streamline Infrastructure

Optimize efficiency by moving on-premises workloads, including local app and policy distributions, to the cloud.

Reduce Risk Exposure

Experience protection that’s always on with proactive Windows features, secure browsing, and built-in security on HP Elite PCs.

Smart Device Management

Let HP manage the devices in your organization with proactive support, insightful analytics, and quick device replacement, resulting in more uptime.

See Immediate Productivity

Empower employees to get right to work on a new PC with just a few clicks and minimal IT intervention with Windows Autopilot.

Turn to Device Management as a Service

Better allocate your IT staff by having HP manage and secure your Windows devices.

Hands-On Protection

Trust HP to monitor security compliance for your devices with HP Service Experts who can implement and enforce your device security policies.

Improve Your Security Position

Fine-tune the endpoint security in your organization with proactive monitoring, scaled compliance and remediation, and hardware-enforced threat protection.

Support When and Where You Need It

We’re just a click or call away with ICT 24x7 support, or HP Factory Services in 180 countries around the world.

Keep Users Happy

Reduce employee downtime with device replacements conveniently delivered through HP Tech Café Market Smart Lockers.