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Cloud Automation and Orchestration

vRealize Automation

Simplify your cloud experience with vRealize Cloud Automation and Orchestration – the modern automation platform.

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Infrastructure Automation Platform

vRealize Cloud Automation and Orchestration is a modern infrastructure automation platform that enables private and multi-cloud environments on VMware Cloud infrastructure. It delivers self-service automation, DevOps for infrastructure, configuration management and network automation capabilities that help you increase business and IT agility, productivity, and efficiency. Integrate, streamline, and modernize traditional, cloud-native, and multi-cloud infrastructures with vRealize Automation and simplify IT while preparing for the future of your business.

Consistent Automation Across Clouds and Data Centers

Designed to deliver self-service clouds, multi-cloud automation with governance, and DevOps-based infrastructure management and security, vRealize Cloud Automation and Orchestration helps improve IT agility, productivity, and efficiency so you can prepare for the future of your business.

Security and control

Establish consistent policies across multi-cloud environments and strengthen infrastructure with native compliance management, flexible guardrails and vulnerability remediation.

Faster to market

Offload manual tasks with advanced workflows and agile templating.

Ease of use

Rapidly set up and manage multi-cloud environments throughout the lifecycle with an intuitive, self-service consumption experience.

Accelerate innovation

Expedite the adoption of new, cloud-native technologies with a future-ready platform built on Infrastructure as Code and DevOps principles.

vRealize Cloud Automation and Orchestration Features

VMware cloud agnostic template

Use a single cloud template to deploy on VMware Cloud or any major public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more) with Infrastructure as Code.

Centralized policy and control

Maintain proper security and compliance with flexible guardrails including role-based policies across cloud environments.

Configuration management

Achieve day 1 and 2 control for virtualized and cloud environments with intuitive configuration automation, vulnerability remediation and compliance enforcement.

Infrastructure pipelining

Access user friendly release automation pipelines specifically tailored for CI/CD in infrastructure use cases.

Use Cases for vRealize Automation

Kubernetes automation

Kubernetes automation

Automate the management of Kubernetes clusters and namespaces with support for vSphere with Tanzu.

Network automation

Network automation

Automate VMware NSX to enable faster deployment and complete lifecycle automation of traditional and modern applications.

DevOps for infrastructure

DevOps for infrastructure

Enable powerful Infrastructure as Code (IaC) platform with support for infrastructure pipelining and iterative development.

Self-service cloud

Self-service cloud

Evolve your VMware data center to private or hybrid cloud infrastructure based on VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Security operations

Security operations

Harness event-driven automation to deliver full-service, closed-loop IT system compliance enforcement and vulnerability remediation.

vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Orchestrator is a modern workflow automation platform that simplifies and automates complex data center infrastructure tasks. vRealize Orchestrator delivers extensibility, agility, and consistent remediation of issues.

Easy, Scalable Automation and Extensibility with Third-Party Integrations

vRealize Orchestrator delivers powerful new features that enhance the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of Cloud admins and DevOps admins, who are modernizing their data center infrastructure using vRealize Suite and VMware Cloud Foundation.

What vRealize Orchestrator Delivers

Day 2 Automation

Day 2 Automation

Deliver consistent remediation of issues and fast time-to-resolution via automation.

Extensibility and XaaS

Extensibility and XaaS

Build custom workflows or leverage a rich library of out-of-the-box plug-ins to extend the core capabilities of vRealize Cloud Automation and Orchestration, vRealize Suite, vCloud Suite, and vSphere across third party tools, infrastructure, and applications.

DevOps Automation

DevOps Automation

Apply DevOps and agile software development principles to ease and accelerate workflow development.

vRealize Orchestrator Tech Specs

Hardware requirements

  • 4 CPUs
  • 12 GB of memory
  • 195 GB hard disk

Operating System support

  • You can only install vRealize Orchestrator on 64-bit operating systems.

Supported Directory Services

  • vRealize orchestrator supports directory service types and single sign-on through Workspace ONE Access.
  • Authentication Provider Support:
    • vSphere – 6.5, 6.7, 7.0
    • vRealize Automation – 8.4