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Accelerate Your Digital Evolution with HPE’s High-Performance Computing

Navigating the ever-changing digital landscape can be daunting for modern businesses, particularly when in-house resources don’t yield results. Youno longer need to battle complex computing issues alone. At ICT, we provide HPE High Performance Computing (HPC) expertise and access to a global partner ecosystemto deliver the best solutions. Our team is committed to providing next-generation computing solutions that cater to your every need, irrespective of location or mode of operation. Our goal is to provide you with on-demand innovation and insightful solutions that enable real-time adaptation to support your digital evolution.

As an authorized provider of HPE HPC solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of economic and workload-specific options, including scale-out or scale-up solutions, cloud or on-premise deployments, as well as custom software and storage solutions to accelerate innovation. The options include hybrid, Exascale HPC supercomputing, HPE Apollo, and an AI storage platform with Cray ClusterStor E1000.

Get faster results

With a comprehensive software portfolio, we are proud of our proven track record of providing solutions that have helped many customers make the most of their HPC systems for faster results. We can introduce next-generation supercomputing to your business with the newly designed HPE Cray Exascale Supercomputers. This solution is built from the ground up to keep up with modern needs, such as simulation, converged modeling, analytics workloads, and AI.

For high-performance computing and artificial intelligence applications, we highly recommend the HPE Apollo systems, which are specially designed for density optimization and purpose-built for optimal performance. Additionally, we offer the HPE Slingshot Interconnect, which is a high-performance network solution specifically engineered for use with HPE Cray Supercomputers. This cutting-edge solution provides Exascale-era supercomputing capabilities perfectly suited for AI, modeling, analytics workloads, and simulation, all on one integrated system.

Discover other solutions

You don’t have to look elsewhere for other HPE High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions because you’ll find them all here at ITC. We aim to empower your business to make faster decisions and implement smart storage capabilities. To achieve this, we recommend HPE GreenLaketo elevate your analytics and computing capabilities. Or we can implement HPE’s latest scalable computing storage solutions if you need reliable and secure storage that meets the storage requirements of AI.

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Contact us so we can start supporting your digital evolution. We are happy to help and share more information on HPE High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions.

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